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Customer Service is very important to us, so we make every effort to ensure you are well looked after, even providing fresh water for thirsty dogs.


Eat and Drink

Dine at The Trout Inn and you won’t be disappointed with our quality homemade and cooked to order food, which is all sourced from the freshest of local ingredients and lovingly prepared by our experienced and talented head chef and his team.

To compliment your meal we have a great selection of real ales, fine wines and soft drinks.

Our real ales change regularly so that we can provide you with the best of what is local,

so you are always sure to find something new to try.

With 3 years Certificate of Excellence from Trip advisor we are hoping you will not be disappointed.

Bed and Breakfast

We have two spacious, en-suite rooms overlooking the river Exe. One is a double and one is a family (double bed and 2 single beds only suitable for children).

A full English breakfast is included in the price.


There is always plenty of entertainment going on at The Trout Inn with live music, pool table, Live sports and a children’s indoor play area.

Theme Nights

Once a month our head chef and his kitchen team will create menu’s from across the world.

Quiz Nights

On the last Sunday of every month we hold our regular quiz night. It is incredibly popular with our locals so it can get very busy but with some good banter and great prizes to be won it’s definitely worth joining the fun.

Special Occasions

If you want to celebrate a special occasion from birthday parties, office parties, wedding anniversaries, wedding breakfasts and christenings, The Trout Inn is an ideal choice.

We will help organise your event and ensure you and your guests have an enjoyable, fun time


When trying to piece together the history of The Trout Inn, this has been no easy task as unfortunately it would appear that a lot of the information has been merely mislaid or lost in translation. This is what we can confirm so far however please bear in mind the dates are only an approximation:

The Trout Inn is a 16th Century traditional thatched pub. The building itself is dated approximately 1520 and started life as cottages. There is believed to be an original oak ceiling beam which reads ‘BNW1520’ which confirms the date in which the original cottages were built, but unfortunately we have not yet been able to find it.

The Trout Inn formed part of the Carew estate and for many years the Carew family were the owners of pretty much all the country land in and around Bickleigh including the village.

In Approximately 1630/1640 the cottages were converted and knocked through to create the first Inn for Bickleigh, then known as ‘The New Inn’. We believe it was around this time the stables were added and part of the building was converted into a Farrier. Sometime in the 1700’s the Strong/Upton family took ownership of the building and held the licence for 200 years. We believe James Upton one of the owners was the Blacksmith.

In 1926 Mr Boundy took the licence and owned ‘The New Inn’ for 19 years, we believe the name was changed from ‘The New Inn’ to ‘The Trout Inn’ in 1946 shortly after Mr Boundy’s ownership.

In the late 70’s early 80’s the exterior was added to the building which now forms the entrance, which goes some way to explain its barn like interior.


We first opened the doors in August 2012, after the building had laid empty for a year and a half. The building itself needed a lot of care and attention so we first set about having the roof re-thatched, this was one big job which even made the news in the local paper.

We then concentrated on the interior which was incredibly dark and dingy with black walls and really bad lighting. Bearing in mind the history of the building we set about bringing it up to date without losing its old charm and also adding extra lighting where possible. Unfortunately for us every job we have come across had been previously bodged so we have had to rip a lot out and start again.

Luck was not on our side for our first year; in November 2012 we suffered our first flood which was ankle deep, a slight step back as we had to re-do all our decorating. This was merely the tip of the iceberg because the week before Christmas 2012 we suffered the worst flood since the 1970’s which was hip high throughout the entire building.

The Trout Inn had not been opened for Christmas Day for 8 years, so we were originally planning to have our very first Christmas Day opening that year. Unfortunately due to the flooding we could not open (we were heartbroken) but with the help of all our staff and the local community the place was scrubbed down and re-opened on Boxing Day. For that our faith was restored and we will always be eternally grateful for the help and support we received during that time.


Since then we have been continuously renovating the building, from landscaping the garden to breathing new life into the interior. We still have a lot more planned for the future so definitely watch this space and please bear with us in the meantime.   

Trout Inn @ 2013 All rights reserved

Bespoke website design by Apple Web Creation

The Trout Inn is a family run free house,

set in a beautiful part of rural Devon alongside the river Exe.